Discover Carlsberg Expørt


Export beer. The Danish way.

We Danes love to share, it's in our nature. That's why at Carlsberg we've been Exporting our fine beers since 1869. And to this day, we still share our unique purified yeast with our UK Master Brewers - so that you can enjoy this full-bodied premium Pilsner at it's very best.


Carlsberg Expørt beer is a premium-strength lager, with a refined and satisfying taste. Brewed to the original Danish recipe, Carlsberg Expørt beer has deep malty notes and a distinct bitterness that generate a full-flavoured lager that is stronger in taste and mouth-feel than our standard Pilsner. Skål! 

Beer type Full bodied Danish Pilsner
Malt Pilsner malt (Spring barley) and caramel malt
Hops A blend of quality hop varieties ensuring a consistent taste
Alcohol 4.8%
  • Energy (per 100ml) 167 kJ / 40kcal
  • Fat (per 100ml) 0g
  • Saturates 0g
  • Carbohydrate (per 100ml) 2.7g
  • Sugars 0g
  • Protein (per 100ml) 0.4g
  • Salt (per 100 ml) <0.01g

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