Carlsberg x WWF


In 2021 & 2022, we partnered with WWF to help protect and restore UK ocean wildlife.

Our pursuit of better goes beyond the beer. That’s why we’re proud that we worked with WWF to help protect ocean wildlife by restoring precious seagrass along the UK coastline.

We know that small changes can make a big difference.  Something as simple as the beer you choose, can help make a positive impact on our world.

A better tomorrow? We'll raise a flipper to that

Seagrass is a small but powerful plant, beneath the waves.

Often described as ‘an underwater Amazon’, seagrass meadows can absorb carbon up to 35 times faster than a rainforest and play a vital role in maintaining healthy seas, as well as providing habitat for ocean wildlife.

Sadly, the UK has lost over 90% of its seagrass meadows. That’s why we are proud to have worked together to restore this wonder plant.


Learn how seagrass can help tackle climate change


Helping to protect ocean wildlife is just the latest example of how we’ve worked with WWF to create a better tomorrow for the planet. 

Previously, we worked together behind the scenes to create our sustainability programme, Together Towards Zero, which includes a commitment to create zero carbon emissions from our breweries by 2030. 

Does that make our beer taste even better? Probably.


Together Towards Zero 

Carlsberg donated £265,000 to WWF-UK across 2021 and 2022 (£115,000 in 2021 and £150,000 in 2022) to help to support UK seagrass restoration projects. Carlsberg also donated a minimum of £200,000 across 2021 and 2022 (£100,000 in 2021 and 2022) to help to support WWF-UK's wider conservation work around the world. 


For more information on how WWF-UK spends and allocates these general funds (i.e. funds not related to the UK seagrass restoration project) visit, Our Annual Report | WWF to see WWF-UK’s latest and past annual reports.

SPEAKING OF A BETTER TOMORROW Together, we can all make small changes to fight for our world.