The Fibre Bottle is a pioneering packaging solution for our beer.

With an outer shell made of wood fibres…

...and an inner lining made of plant-based polymers, the bottle is fully bio-based (excluding the cap) and recyclable

...and can still keep our beer equally fresh and great tasting.

Will we keep improving the design? Probably


Breaking barriers. Together with others.

Meet the Fibre Bottle

The Fibre Bottle embodies our founders’ pioneering spirit, our scientific approach to improving our products, and our constant pursuit of betterment. As a fully bio-based and recyclable packaging solution, the Fibre Bottle is an exciting open innovation project for a better beer bottle.

“The progress made with our new Fibre Bottle is testament to Carlsberg’s pioneering spirit, with a focus on making better products in every sense of the word."

Simon Boas Hoffmeyer, Group Sustainability Director at Carlsberg

Fibre Bottle Facts:



The Fibre Bottle is primarily made of natural wood fibres which come from FSC-certified sources in Northern Europe. Certified suppliers follow responsible forestry practices where 2-3 new trees are planted for every tree harvested, and where harvesting times are optimised with minimum tree growth periods and with maximum CO2 sequestration efficiency by younger trees.


Bio-based & recyclable:

With its wood fibre outer shell and its plant-based PEF polymer inner lining, the Fibre Bottle is full bio-based (excluding the cap) and recyclable (including the cap). Made of natural materials, the body of the bottle can enter conventional PET-recycling systems or otherwise degrade in nature.


Protects the beer within:

PEF is a highly effective barrier between the beer and fibre shell, capable of protecting the beer’s quality so that consumers can enjoy the same fresh Carlsberg taste, and insulating the beer better than conventional glass or cans to keep the beer colder for longer.

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