DraughtMaster uses compression rather
than CO2 to keep beer fresh for longer,
reduce wastage and improve the
profitability of your business.

How it works

Compressed air is pumped into the pressure chamber, then the keg is squeezed and fresh beer is pressed out. It really is that simple.

We've been using steel kegs for 50 years

It's time for a revolution

"The market has been waiting for
something like this for decades"

Fresh beer for longer

Whilst metal kegs expose the beer to CO2 and oxygen from the moment they are tapped, DraughtMaster’s PET kegs keep the beer sealed from external gasses even after they have been tapped.

Keeps your profits flowing

The longevity the system offers means bars that traditionally only sell lower volumes no longer have to worry about selling a whole keg in under 5 days. This improves profitability as you will no longer be throwing away unsold beers, and potential profits, down the drain at the end of each week.

Emil C. Hansen

Gives you more space

Smaller, lighter kegs and no CO2 bottles means DraughtMaster take up much less of your valuable storage space.

More beers, better choice

DraughtMaster lets you offer customers a wide variety of beers, without the risk of any going to waste. Choice at the bar is one of the key things that today’s customers are looking for, so the ability to offer greater range can help your business.


DraughtMaster is also
better for the planet

DraughtMaster kegs are 43% lighter than a traditional
metal kegs carrying the same amount of liquid.

They are also much lighter than the same volume of liquid
being delivered in one-way glass bottles.

All this reduced weight means that delivery vehicles are
using less fuel to deliver the same quantity of beer.

Less fuel = less CO2


Find out which system, Modular20 or Flex20, is best suited to your needs. And, if you'd like to learn more, why not give our FAQs page a read?

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