Red Barley

The day Carlsberg turned all red


Liverpool FC by Carlsberg

All Red for the mighty reds

Teams wearing red win more. That was the view of legendary Liverpool FC manager Bill Shankly when he famously swapped his team’s white shorts and socks for red ones; a choice that still stands today, and has become iconic in world football.

To celebrate the historic move of Liverpool FC going all red, and our 26 season partnership with the club, we're also going all red. 

Brewmasters and scientists at the Carlsberg Research Laboratory have brewed a beer especially for Liverpool FC fans; an all red beer, with an all red label in an all red bottle.

Red beer, red barley

The limited edition 4.6% ABV pilsner gets its distinctive colour,  from a barley variety that is naturally red. This barley was specially curated and bred by the scientists at the Carlsberg Research Laboratory. 

Is science behind the all red beer? Probably

Birgitte Skadhauge, Head of the Carlsberg Research Laboratory, said: “When we were set the challenge of brewing an all red beer for Liverpool FC fans, as part of our constant pursuit of better, we knew it wouldn’t be easy.

Unlike traditional red ales, the red colour of this pilsner comes from the outer-shell of the red barley variant - which has a relatively low climate-resistance and has therefore proved tricky to grow in the quantity we required for brewing.

It’s taken over a year of experimentation, but we’re delighted that our team have finally been able to crack it. We brewed this special beer for Liverpool FC fans and we hope they enjoy it.”