Liverpool FC by Carlsberg


Liverpool FC by Carlsberg

25 years of partnership

The longest standing football partnership in the Premier League dates back to 1992, when Carlsberg became official sponsor of Liverpool FC. Since then we have walked side by side, through the ups and the downs of the last 25 years.

Red Hops

To celebrate its 25-year partnership with Liverpool FC, Carlsberg has brewed a fan beer from hops unlike any other. Scientists at the Carlsberg Research Laboratory in Copenhagen have cultivated special red hop plants by immersing them in footage of 25 years of Liverpool FC matches and the sound of roaring fans.

The Liverpool FC beer

The Carlsberg Liverpool FC beer will have a unique taste - red & white dry-hopped premium-strength lager, with a nice head, refined distinct bitterness and an aroma of the distinct Liverpool hops contributing to the aroma of gooseberry or Sauvignon Blanc white wines.

The Carlsberg Research Laboratory

The Carlsberg Laboratory is home to some of the most extraordinary inventions of the past century, ranging from Professor Dr. Emil Chr. Hansen’s method of purifying yeast to the development of the pH scale, the concept of protein structures and the characterization of enzymes that now enable low temperature clothes laundering.

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