Can draught beer get any better? Probably

Say "goddag" to a fresh new keg.

Meet DraughtMaster - a better way for even the largest venue to serve fresh, pure draught beer.

carlsberg keg
carlsberg draught master

No gas + no CO2 = fresher beer for you

DraughtMaster's trick to keeping the beer fresh for longer is simple, but ingenious: Instead of using CO2 to pump the beer to the tap, it uses compressed air. This makes the beer stay fresh for over a month, compared to regular steel kegs where the beer goes stale in less than a week.

Not just better for draught beer.

Draught Master New Keg Old Steel Keg
carlsberg draught

DraughtMaster kegs are 43% lighter than a traditional metal keg, carrying the same amount of liquid.

Which means? Delivery vehicles use less fuel to deliver the same quantity of beer. Less fuel = less C02.

Plus, DraughtMaster uses zero CO2 to press the beer to the tap, unlike traditional metal kegs which require a dedicated CO2 tank to work.

Carlsberg Draught Master fond

The bottom line

Carlsberg draught beer


Less waste You get 6 kg waste per 100 litres using DraughtMaster compared to 29 kg waste per 100 litres using bottled beer.


Fresh beer for longer DraughtMaster kegs keep the beer fresh for more than three weeks longer than steel kegs.

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