Da li ste znali?

Brewing is part art, part science. Which we proved in 1909 when while focusing on making a better beer we invented the pH scale. Yes, that pH scale. Skål.

Kad smo već kod Denmark

Is a better beer possible?



How to brew beer?


Beer is made by mashing barley with water, boiling hops for perfect bitterness and yeast to ferment it.

Better Barley.

Makes for a better beer

Our Carlsberg Pilsner is made with barley, yeast and some rather excellent glassware. Barley is one of the main raw materials needed for beer brewing. It has been cultivated for more than 10,000 years, and today it is the fourth largest grain crop in the world grown in a variety of environments ranging from northern Scandinavia to the southern part of Australia.

Speaking of DENMARK Can beer make you feel at home? Probably.