What Do Coffeeshops Mean To You?


What do coffee shops mean to you? For many of us, our neighbourhood coffeeshops are more than places for quick meals and a cheap kopi fix. It’s where we gather for familiar dishes and stay for hearty conversations. But in recent months, things have looked very different.





This is our love letter to our unique coffeeshop culture. Watch now as we hear Singaporean's story on what coffeeshops mean to them. 

Carlsberg will be contributing $120,000 in both subsidies and promotions launched islandwide to aid coffeeshops in a smoother recovery and help drive traffic back. For every two Quart bottles of Carlsberg Smooth Draught or Asahi Super Dry purchased, consumers will enjoy S$1 off and coffeeshop operators will receive a S$2 rebate for the purchases made.