The power of red

Can the power of red be the difference between winning and losing?


Well, legendary Liverpool FC manager Bill Shankly thought so when he changed the team’s kit to all red in 1964. And he’s not alone…

Russell Hill, Professor of Evolutionary Anthropology at Durham University:

"Research shows that the colour red has been perceived as dominant throughout evolution in sporting competition. This can give the team wearing red an advantage due to an enhanced perception of dominance among opposition, and an increased confidence among the team wearing red.

Legendary Liverpool FC forward, Ian St John, played over 300 times for the club was part of Bill Shankly’s team:

“When our boss, Bill Shankly, told us we were wearing all red – the players were 100% behind the decision and it proved to be a great move. He thought it would make us feel 7ft tall, and it really did give you the feeling of power. From then on, the all-red Liverpool kit has become iconic in world football.”

Jackie Wilcox. Liverpool fan, going to matches at Anfield for 40 years.

"When I walk up those stairs, and I see that sea of red in front of me; all those people, the scarves and the Kop. People singing "You'll never walk alone". I can´t help it, I still get a lump in my throat, and still my heart beats a little bit faster." 


Watch the films of their power of red stories below