Did you know?

Our founder JC Jacobsen established his first micro-brewery in Copenhagen in 1847? So you could say beer has been in our blood for 170 years. Probably.

Speaking of Carlsberg

Can modern technology bring back our founder? Probably.



how long does beer stay in your system?


We find the taste can be savoured, but the memories last a lifetime.

You can take the beer out of Denmark.

But you can't keep the Danes away from beer

Founded in 1847 by J. C. Jacobsen, the company's headquarters is located in Copenhagen, Denmark. The company's flagship brand is Carlsberg (named after Jacobsen's son Carl). It also brews Tuborg, Kronenbourg, Somersby cider, Russia's best-selling beer Baltika, Belgian Grimbergen abbey beers, and more than 500 local beers. Even so, Danes take pride in sharing - and we celebrate it at home as much as you do wherever you are. Skål