Søren P.L. SørensenSøren P.L. Sørensen

Søren P.L. Sørensen

Better beer, basically.

The acid test for better beer.

Did you know the pH scale was developed at Carlsberg? Probably not. Søren Sørensen was head of Carlsberg Laboratory’s Chemical Department from 1901 to 1938. Not only did he develop the pH scale, he conducted pioneering research into proteins, amino acids and enzymes - the basis of today’s protein chemistry.

A measure of success.

The pH scale was invented in 1909. pH means ‘power of hydrogen’ and the scale provides a simple way of measuring the amount of hydrogen in a solution, so as to determine its acidity on a scale from 0-14.

A new global standard.

For the brewing process, the pH scale was a revolution and its applications have been countless. In true open-source spirit, his method was shared with the world and today the pH scale is the standard method of measuring acidic and basic substances globally.