Premier League Champions 2019/20 Probably


Liverpool FC by Carlsberg

Premier League Champions 2019/20? Probably

You can feel it from the streets of Liverpool to the four corners of the globe. A passion that has been shared by Carlsberg since 1992. Now, nearly 30 years on we raise a glass to the Premier League champions 2019/20. To the team, the club, the fans, the entire LFC family. Cheers to you!

A limited number of cans is now available at our webshop. For UK based fans, please find the LFC Champions cans here.     

The limited edition Liverpool FC Champions can will be launched in the following countries during the next couple of months:

Australia, Bermuda, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Canada, China, Cyprus, Germany, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Ireland, Japan, Kenya, Korea, Laos, Malaysia, Mauritius, Mexico, Nepal, Singapore, UAE, UK, USA.

A limited amount of cans is now available on our webshop.
For UK based fans, click here to get your LFC Champions cans.