From trash to treasure.

Beer is for sharing

When you share a beer from a multi-pack with 24 or 20 cans of Carlsberg, the beer packaging is made out of recycled plastic. Is this a step towards a more sustainable future?


Carlsberg Beer cans

Sustainability in your hands.

Whenever you purchase a multi-pack of Carlsberg,
the shrink-wrap beer packaging that covers it is made from 100% recycled material.

This reduces the CO2 footprint, and makes probably the best beer
in the world a little bit better.

Let's take a closer look.

OK. Sustainable beer packaging with 100% recycled material. What exactly does that mean?

Here are the numbers:


recycled plastic from various sources


comes from our own reused plastic sheeting


CO2 Impact: 60 % lower than before

Speaking of SUSTAINABILITY Can we reduce our carbon footprint to zero by 2030? Probably.