We wanted to brew better beer. So we invented the pH scale.

Is brewing probably the best beer in the world an art....

...or science?

Carlsberg pilsner

We believe it’s a bit of both.

We proved this in 1909 when, in our pursuit of making better beer, we invented the pH scale – now a global scientific standard used to measure the acidity and alkalinity of any given substance.


What's just as good?

By giving us a way of measuring the perfect acidity level of water used for brewing, the pH scale allows us to brew consistently great tasting beer.



Open source in the
true sense of the word.

Open source in the
true sense of the word.

With the invention of the pH scale, we could ensure consistently great tasting beer every time. And of course, we shared our invention with the world.

We didn't do it for the publicity. After all, it was 1909. We simply believe that just like great beer, great ideas are for sharing.

A colourful breakthrough.

The bright and simple pH scale is now the standard, and a useful device in many fields - including education, medicine, food science, and, of course, brewing.

5 ways the invention of the pH scale
changed the world

What exactly is measuring acidity and alkalinity of a given substance good for? As it turns out: Quite a lot. Here are 5 ways the pH scale changed the modern world.


Drinking water

Neither acidic or basic but completely neutral, classic tap water has a pH value of approximately 7. The pH scale is used to make sure that this is always the case.

Tap water;

Consistently great tasting beer

The pH scale is used to measure and ensure consistently great tasting beer, every time.

Carlsberg Danish Pilsner ;

Optimal growing conditions for crops

In agriculture, the pH scale is used to measure and adjust soil to optimise growing conditions for crops such as barley, corn and grass.

Optimal growing conditions for crops;

Everyday medicine

The pH scale is used as a key component in various types of medicine - specifically to determine what's needed in order for a given drug to work effectively


Large-scale manufacturing

In large-scale manufacturing, the pH scale is used to ensure that ships and aeroplanes are resistant to corrosion by sea-water and air.


Did you know?

Did you know?

S.P.L. Sørensen was nominated for a Nobel prize in chemistry and physiology and medicine for his invention of the standardized pH scale, but never won.

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