Did you know?

If you're watching your weight, you might consider our alcohol-free beer - it tastes great with less calories.

Speaking of weight

Is great tasting beer with almost no alcohol possible?

0.0 alcohol free


How many calories are in a can of Carlsberg?


In a 500 ml can of Carlsberg are 185 kilo calories.

For calorie counters there's always an alternative

Look towards the light

Weight watchers are right to pay attention to how many calories there are in their can of beer. A zero alcohol beer may be the answer though - Our brewers are very proud and extremely happy with Carlsberg 0.0%. It is as sharp and naturally refreshing as a traditional beer – yet is free of alcohol. Like all of our beers, it is brewed with natural ingredients – hops, top quality malt and fresh pure water. We brew it in the same way as we brew our Carlsberg beer, before are gently removing the alcohol. All of that makes for a fresh, crisp beer with the perfect amount of hops.

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