Did you know?

We love our planet and have been working to make our beer production as sustainable as possible. That includes our packaging. Does that mean you can enjoy the great taste of Carlsberg with a clearer conscience? Probably.

Speaking of weight

Is great tasting beer with no alcohol possible?



How much does a 6 pack of beer weigh?


A 6 pack of 330ml beers of Carlsberg weighs about 2060 grams.

A heavy load of beer is better shared.

That's what friends are for.

Our beers come in a variety of sizes and each beer size has a different weight. A six pack of 330ml beers of Carlsberg weighs about 1980 grams. The larger size beer cans weigh more. A four pack of 500ml beer cans weighs 2100 grams.

Speaking of beer Can beer help you bake better? Probably.