Why you should answer every question with Probably.

A posthumous TEDx Talk by J.C. Jacobsen.

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Why you should answer every question with Probably.

On August 23rd, our founder J.C. Jacobsen will hit the stage at TEDx Copenhagen to share his life philosophy with the world, the life philosophy he founded the Carlsberg brewery on and is still embedded in each and every one working at Carlsberg.

Can a life philosophy from a dead founder still inspire you today? Probably.

JC Jacobsen had a unique philosophy to look at the world: he answered every question with ‘Probably’. Watch the speech and find out how this little word could be the key to progress.

Can we revive our dead founder to give a TEDx Talk? Probably.

A team of carefully selected speech writers, autobiographers and people from the Carlsberg foundation studied the rich documentation on J.C. Jacobsen and delivered a speech.

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